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Inya Lake – Yangon, Myanmar

work in progress <- I’ll add some more pictures over the next days as I’m still in Yangon. The “Inya Lake is the largest lake in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar), a popular recreational area for Yangonites, and a famous location for romance in popular culture” Wikipedia I can attest to that and the Inya Lake is for sure a popular spot for young couples and I thought this is great opportunity for taking some pictures and indeed it was. Hope you enjoy and like the pictures. …to be continued

Who are we – The Jakarta Edition

Who are we? Can humans be described in a single word or a single sentence or even in one paragraph. Countless books have tried that and continue to do that. Not even one photo can’t answer this question, because there is probably not a single answer, but a multitude of answers as we are all unique and beautiful from the outside to inside in our very own way. My quest is to showcase this beauty and hopefully find answers to the question who are we through the pictures I take and the connections I made with each and everyone while doing that. I have spent over the span of 3 month several weeks in Jakarta and had the chance to meet incredible people, learn a bit of Indonesian (bahasa Indonesia), and had the chance to take a lot of pictures. So it felt only natural to create a special Jakarta edition.

Extra coins or bucket list

This list is a living document and will be changed (things will be added and deleted) and updated regular. Places to visit New Zealand Greenland Mongolia Iceland Nepal Tibet go to Base Camp of Mount Everest Patagonia China Japan Peru Machu Picchu United States of America (2011, 2016-2019) ✔️ Grand Canyon (2018) ✔️ Things to experience Skydiving Bungee Jumping Flying in a Helicoptor Paragliding Seeing Mount Everest Hiking New Zealand Diving (2017) ✔️ Walking over the Golden Gate Bridge (2017) ✔️ Sleeping outside (1996) ✔️ Camping in the backcountry (2018) ✔️ Falling in love and deeply caring for somebody (199X – 201X)✔️ Kiss (1996) ✔️ Have sex (1996) ✔️ Making somebody smile ✔️ Going to Burning Man (2018) ✔️ Things to own None…experiences are more worth than things. I would rather visit all the places and do all the things from the above list than own a house or a car.

Reached the bonus level or why I don’t mind dying

This article is more a reminder for me and something I can send a friend to understand my reasoning, if I ever speak about this topic again. In addition I hope this might help someone or at least challenges you to think about this topic. I actually don’t want to die and want to experience a lot more, but if it happens than I don’t mind and will die with a big fat smile on my face with tears of joy, happiness, gratitude, and love in my eyes. Why is that? While thinking a lot about death and dying due to the fact that we probably (This depends on our progress in technology and we might have by the end of this century or in the next the technology that you don’t have to die) all have to die on day, I thought about what makes life valueable for me and what are the things and experiences that would make my life worthwhile. After spending a lot of time thinking about this I found out …

Cities I have visited in the US

Updated: 02/02/2019 San Francisco, CA Berkley, CA Dallas, TX Fort Worth, TX Austin, TX Houston, TX Kansas City, MO & KS Tampa, FL Miama, FL Boston, MA Washington, DC Arlington, VA Denver, CO Boulder, CO Flagstaff, AZ Phoenix, AZ Las Vegas, NV Black Rock City, NV Reno, NV Lake Tahoe, NV Seattle, WA Los Angeles, CA Oakland, CA San Mateo, CA

Weekend trip to the Bahamas

Four weeks before this trip a friend of mine called me and asked if I would like to come to the Bahamas for his birthday. That was obviously a rhetorical question and of course, I said yes. A lot on this trip was a surprise for me as he didn’t want to tell me much upfront. Only that I should bring an ugly Christmas Sweater, which in the end I didn’t use. So I packed a couple of things, a shirt, T-Shirts, and some shorts plus a jeans. I flew from Dallas to Miami to meet my friend, Marco, and then we took the next flight to Nassau. The flight from Miami to Nassau is quite short and a little over 30 minutes and the view out of the plane was amazing and I could see the almost crystal clear water below the plane. To my surprise, we were picked up at the airport and driven to the hotel Atlantis on Paradise Island. The Atlantis is a big resort like hotel and we stayed at the …

Humphrey’s Peak

While being in Flagstaff I had the idea to hike up to Humphrey’s Peak, the highest point in Arizona with an elevation of 3,852 m (12,637 ft). I’m always up for a challenge and doing this hike sounds interesting as it is rated as a “hard” hike and has a total length of  15.4 km (9.56 miles) for the ascending and descending. The total time of the hike up was 2 hours and 38 minutes without stops on an ascend of 926 m on a 7.7 km (4.28 miles) partly icy and snowy trail. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time for the hike down. These are the blank facts, the data, but it is just that. It doesn’t take into account the experience, the feelings, and the effort of anything. And in order to do this posts/articles/blogs like these are for, to tell the story of such a hike. Phil, a friend of mine and my host for this trip, and I went up early to be on the trail in time. We stopped at …