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Extra coins or bucket list

This list is a living document and will be changed (things will be added and deleted) and updated regular. Places to visit New Zealand Greenland Mongolia Iceland Nepal Tibet go to Base Camp of Mount Everest Patagonia China Japan Peru Machu Picchu United States of America (2011, 2016-2019) ✔️ Grand Canyon (2018) ✔️ Things to experience Skydiving Bungee Jumping Flying in a Helicoptor Paragliding Seeing Mount Everest Hiking New Zealand Diving (2017) ✔️ Walking over the Golden Gate Bridge (2017) ✔️ Sleeping outside (1996) ✔️ Camping in the backcountry (2018) ✔️ Falling in love and deeply caring for somebody (199X – 201X)✔️ Kiss (1996) ✔️ Have sex (1996) ✔️ Making somebody smile ✔️ Going to Burning Man (2018) ✔️ Things to own None…experiences are more worth than things. I would rather visit all the places and do all the things from the above list than own a house or a car.