Cover Letter

Christian Holle
Currently in lockdown in Kathmandu, Nepal
+977 982-3085878


I have read your LinkedIn job with much interest and would like to apply for the position as Apple Support Field Service Channel Manager. For almost 3 month I have traveled through New Zealand and I fell in love with all aspects of this wonderful country. This is the reason why I’m looking for a new and different opportunity in New Zealand.

Truth be told I don’t have knowledge of the New Zealand Consumer Guarantee Act nor do I have experience in direct customer repair service management or a major vendor environment yet. But what I have is that I care about people. I care about customers and their experience with the products and services they invest in. In my previous roles managing customer service and support I made sure that every customer and potential customer was taken care of in the best possible manner, so that they were more than satisfied with every interaction they had. Service is excellence was our bread and butter. 20 years ago I worked “on the floor” at a Consumer Electronics store and was responsible for the Computer and Telecommunications department and the experience formed my basic understanding of high level customer satisfaction as a retailer. I went out of my way to do that and even after the store was closed I went to customers and helped them to setup their new computer or helped them with whatever issues they had.  My boss at the time didn’t liked it that much, as he was more interested in short term selling than developing lasting relationships with his customers, but that’s not what I am.

With that being said, I’m a fast learner and I’m sure I can quickly learn the details about the New Zealand Consumer Guarantee Act and other aspects I might be missing. Additionally, I’ll bring extensive management and organizational experience and skills from working in a fast-paced international service organization in the mobile messaging industry.

It would be a privilege to discuss the Apple Support Field Service Channel Manager position in more detail. I’m more than happy to have a phone or video call at a convenient time with you. Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to hearing back from you.

With kindest Regards,

Christian Holle