Went on a Mekong River tour from Ho Chi Minh (former Saigon), which I unfortunately can’t recommend it’s way too commercialized, I did go from on stop/shop to the next and didn’t see or get the vibe of the Mekong River and the people living there. If you go there I would recommend to go there on your own and not with a tour to really get an understanding of the area and the people.

This obviously didn’t stop me from taking some beautiful pictures, which (hopefully) don’t have a ”touristy vibe”.

Who are we? Can humans be described in a single word or a single sentence or even in one paragraph. Countless books have tried that and continue to do that. Not even one photo can’t answer this question, because there is probably not a single answer, but a multitude of answers as we are all unique and beautiful from the outside to inside in our very own way.

My quest is to showcase this beauty and hopefully find answers to the question who are we through the pictures I take and the connections I made with each and everyone while doing that.

I have spent several weeks in Jakarta and had the chance to meet incredible people, learn a bit of Indonesian (bahasa), and had the chance to take a lot of pictures. So it felt only natural to create this.