Reached the bonus level or why I don’t mind dying

This article is more a reminder for me and something I can send a friend to understand my reasoning, if I ever speak about this topic. In addition I hope this might help someone or at least challenges you to think about this topic.

I actually don’t want to die and I want to experience a lot more, but if it happens then I don’t mind and will die with a big fat smile on my face with tears of joy, happiness, gratitude, and love in my eyes.

Why is that?

While thinking a lot about death and dying due to the fact that we probably all have to die (this depends on our progress in technology and we might have by the end of this century or in the next the technology that you don’t have to die) one day, I thought about what makes life valuable for me and what are the things and experiences that would make my life worthwhile.

After spending a lot of time thinking about this I found out that I already had experienced all the things that make, in my opinion, life worthwhile.

  • Fell in love and deeply care about someone and had a wonderful and loving time while doing that
  • Felt so much love that my heart almost exploded
  • Was so sad that I cried for hours and I still could cry about it
  • Was dancing in the rain, sun, and snow
  • Smiled and made somebody else smile
  • Kissed and had passionate sex
  • Saw the stars
  • Felt the warmth of the sun

I still remember and feel all of it as it was yesterday

These are the things that make life worthwhile and I had the blessing to experience all of it. As I have experienced all of it I’m not afraid to die one day and I know if I remember this I can’t help myself but have a big fat smile on my face with tears of joy, happiness, gratitude, and love in my eyes.

To me my life feels now like I’m Super Mario. I beat Tatanga (the end boss of the first Super Mario Land), rescued the princess, and now I’m running through the bonus levels and just collect extra coins. Every day, every emotion, and every experience is an extra coin I collect and I hope I’m not done collectiong those extra coins and want to continue to do that. But if I day someday, you now know how I feel about it.